Brainstorming With Becky & Sue

Here is how the program works:

The Hotline:

  • Sue and Becky have an email address that will be used for this program only. Once you are on the hotline, your questions will go directly to both Sue and Becky. 
  • Their answers will come back directly to you and Sue and Becky will also comment on each others comments
  • You will get real brainstorming and feedback on every question or concern

Cost: $75

  • this includes one workbook which will be mailed to you once your check or money order has been received
  • you can work in this workbook on your novel but also ask for help at any time. The workbook is a structured as a page by page journal on the bare bones of your story with help on how to fully develop your characters, plot and even your overall theme.


  • you can start at any time you choose, however
  • we recommended you wait until you receive the workbook
  • it is best to select a time when you have cleared away all your other major commitments and can spend the time on your writing

Length of the brainstorming email hotline

  • one month

To Sign up: