Becky's Classes



Sept 9 - Dec 15, 2019

This series looks at the overall book and how to make certain you don’t shortchange your readers.  Get the basics of different ways to plot your book and start to come up with what is necessary to get all the way through your plot. We’ll  look at ways to make certain all the plotting elements are in place in your storyline and get an introduction to building a story board.

We’ll use the Plotting Circle to get your story into shape, whether you normally outline your book or if you would rather let the characters to do the plotting or even if you want to do as little plotting as possible.

This series will help you answer such questions as:

  • Where should you start?
  • How should you start?
  • Do you need to outline everything?
  • What if you would rather not plot at all?
  • How do you know if you’re going in the right direction with your plot?
  • What about subplots?
  • What do you need to know about how to end your book?
  • What if you’re writing a series and need to leave things undone?

We’ll go from coming up with a great beginning all the way to writing THE END for your plot.

Individual classes:

Let's Plot Your Novel  -  Sep 9 - Oct 6

Making Your Characters Real  - Oct 14 - Nov 10

Let’s Write a Story - Nov 18 - Dec 15

Sue's Classes



September through November

All the following workshops are at the Hub in Lone Tree and are two weeks long, one hour each session. 

To register all 303-347-5999 or use the link under "Enrichment Classes for Adults" below:

Writing A Novel

Have a fiction story in mind? But need a little push to get started? Come get some help with your characters and ideas on how to outline the overall plot. Not sure who your villain is going to be? It’s fun to figure this character out. Workbook included. 

  1.    Sep 11 and 25  -  10-11 am
  2.    Oct 12 and 26  - 10-11am
  3.    Nov 7 and 21 - 10-11am

Documenting Your Cancer Journey

Two books provided. Learn how to keep a log book of your physical treatments, results with a place to thank those who helped you on this journey. The other book is a person diary/journal where you can write about your emotional trip through your cancer recovery. 

  1.  Sep 14 and 28 - 10-11 am
  2.  Oct 10 and 24 - 10-11 am
  3.  Nov 6 and 12 - 10-11 am

Developing Your Book Idea

What to write a memoir or perhaps the story of your life? How you overcame the pitfalls in life’s bumpy road, learned to cope and ultimately survived? Come, bring your notes diaries and those notebooks you scribbled ideas in and we’ll get you started on your story.

  1.  Sep 12 and 26 - 10-11-am
  2.  Oct 2 and 16 - 10-11 am
  3.  Nov 2 and 16 - 10-11 am