Tip - Finish the Book!

There are times when we get so carried away with the book we are writing or with the characters we drag the story on too long.  The writer MUST determine when it is the best time for the plot to come to an end. If you find yourself so in love with your characters, you don’t want to end their story, bring them back in a later book, but end this one!  You can always bring them back in a series.  Readers love to re-visit with 


characters they already know and as long as there is a fresh disaster or personal trial for the character to conquer, they are willing to watch those characters in action again.

But end this story! 


                  Bottom Line

Every story must come to an end. Don’t drag out the ending until the reader simply tires of the characters and the plot. Make your ending meaningful and leave the reader looking forward to your next book.  

Plotter/Planner Writers


● Plot ahead so that you know when you will end this particular story      

 ● Plan a  goal or accomplishment for your characters to achieve to end this story  

Intuitive/Instinctive Writers


● Bring your story to an end with some sort of decision or accomplishment completed for a satisfactory finish  

 ● Allow your characters to have reached at least one goal in this book   

Hybrid/Combo Writers


● Know the ending in advance and write toward it when plotting   

 ● Give the characters a sense of accomplishment, which the readers can sharel