Tip - Keep On Reading

If you are going to write in a certain genre you should continue to read that genre. Not only will you enjoy seeing what other authors are doing, but it can also keep you abreast of the latest quirks or changes in certain genres. Study the best seller lists in your particular genre and then read some of the more popular authors as well as others. While you want to be as 


individual and unique as possible, you also don’t want to lose readers because you have fallen behind the current topics readers are looking for.


                  Bottom Line

Keeping current on what is selling and what writers are currently writing can help you in your own career.

Plotter/Planner Writers


● Know the latest changes in your genre 

● Make certain you are staying current with your own work  

Intuitive/Instinctive Writers


● Study different writing styles in your genre and don’t be

afraid to experiment 

● Know which changes in the genre might work for your 

own writing style but don’t force yourself to adapt to 

something that won’t work for you 

Hybrid/Combo Writers


● Stay current on best sellers in your genre  

● Be ready to try something new, but don’t force yourself If

you see it won’t work for you