January Writing Prompt


Need inspiration in your writing? Writing prompts can help. 

They are simple little exercises YOU do that can help you think about the writing process.

They can stimulate your brain to keep your writing on track.

Often, they are a simple list or a suggestion of something for you to write.

For instance, if you were taking a writing class and the teacher said, “Invent a Character.”

What would you do? You’d write a description. 

That’s a writing prompt.

What if the teacher said, “Describe a setting from the historical past”

That’s a writing prompt. They help to stimulate and strengthen those writing muscles in your brain! 

Make Up a New Character for your current Work In Progress

1.  What does he/she look like?

2.  What is his/her relationship to hero/heroine?

3.  Why is he/she important?

4.  Write a scene using the character.