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Want to write a book or a screen play but don’t know where to start?


This book could be the answer. Seven Ways to Plot can help you plot your novel as it helps you determine which plotting method works best for you. Get the basics on different methods that have been used forever by authors, plus new systems of plotting that can help you get started on your own story idea. Then let two multi-published authors show you how you can use those methods to plot your own book in easy step by step process. Buy on

Is creating great heroes, heroines and villains a challenge?


Take the time to build your characters using this step by step guide. Learn how to make your characters unique individuals who are both human and heroic, or thoughtful but troubled or cunning but courageous. Find out how you can use a simple procedure to come up with a character who will keep readers turning the pages. Buy on 

Do you need some help plotting your novel?


Whether you are starting with a vague idea, have some ideas for a plot or know only your beginnng or ending, the Plotting Wheel might be the answer to your plotting woes. The Plotting Wheel provides guidance as you journey around the wheel is easy-to-follow steps.

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Do you need to create a bad guy in your book?


This book can help you develop that perfect villain for your story. It illustrates the different types of villains and can help guide you through the world of villains. From backstory to goals, it provides ideas for creating an unforgettable villain. From the villain’s arc to helping create a love/hate relationship with the hero/heroine, this book can assist  you in developing an antagonist the reader can believe and fear. 

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Writing a Novel: A step by step Workbook and Guide (GO-TO Guides) (Volume 2)


Writing a Novel is a workbook, journal, organizer and guide for aspiring writers who have been trying to get their story out of their head and down onto paper. Easy to follow steps will guide any writer through the various elements in organizing and writing a great story. Easy to follow steps will guide any writer through the various elements in organizing a great novel.  Buy on

10 Steps to Creating Memorable Characters


Characters are the life force of any novel or movie. Ten Steps to Creating Memorable Characters is a practical workbook packed with suggestions, ideas, exercises, and lists to help plan every imaginable area in a character’s “life.” Writers, screenwriters, playwrights—everyone who writes fiction will be able to create their own dynamic, memorable characters with this exciting yet practical book.  Practical exercises, brainstorming ideas, lists, and much more.  Buy on

Looking for a simple way to create great characters?


The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes and Heroines reveals the sixteen literary archetypes that have starred in fiction for millennia. This resource offers the building blocks for the creation of memorable characters who will reach out and grab the hearts of readers. 

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