Writing Tips

For the careful “Plotter” or the “Instinctive Writer”

Each writer has his/her own style and should use whatever method is most comfortable. 

Follow our tips from two writers who use the different methods and sometimes use both!


Using our Tips:

  • Choose which style applies to your type of writing
  • Decide how you can apply each tip to your individual style.
  • Study the suggestions 
  • Determine how to adopt them to your writing problems. 


  • Usually highly organized 
  • Prefer to outline and plan stories BEFORE starting to write


  • Go with the flow and often let characters lead the way “into the mist” 
  • Often called “pantsers” because they write by the “seat of their pants” 


A combination of the two  - may plan part of the story and then let their muse flow or they may start simply writing with an idea and then go back and plan the final chapters.